About Us

LMV was founded in Zrenjanin in 1992, as a family business and after more than 20 years we have worked with many companies both from Serbia and abroad. A vast experience gained in production process of casting models and tools results in quality products which is our guarantee. Many companies showed us their confidence and we have built enviable cooperation based on the quality and strict adherence to agreed deadlines. Hereby you can see some of our partners with who we have successful cooperation.

The primary activity of our сompany is producing tools, casting models, machine parts and assemblies. We are able to produce mechanic assemblies based on a submitted model or technical documentation. Our preliminary technical solutions are based on quality and reliability of manufactured tools and models. Designing of tools is being done with CAD program which is than being sent to CNC or conventional machines for production, based on sample or 2D or 3D drawing The precision of making, respecting deadlines and quality of products are essential for competitiveness in both, domestic and foreign market.

LMV has a large number of conventional and CNC machines. Our machine park consists of more than 40 machines of different purpose. Cutting, turning, grinding (circular and bed grinding), jig drilling, gearing and welding are covered by conventional machines. CNC machines cover milling, scraping and grinding.

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