LMV is dedicated to producing tools, casting models and machine parts and assemblies. We are specialized also in making machine assemblies based on submitted sample or technical documentation. The long experience in production of casting models and tools, along with the experience of metal processing and our quality of service represent our guarantee. Our technical solutions are based on quality and reliability of produced models and tools. It is important to emphasize that we have a large number of machines, both conventional and CNC machines. Cutting, turning, grinding (circular and bed grinding), jig drilling, gearing and welding are covered by conventional machines. CNC machines cover milling, scraping and grinding. Tool designing is being done with CAD program which is than being sent to CNC or conventional machines for production, based on sample or 2D/3D drawing. The precision in making, respecting deadlines and off course the quality of product itself, is what makes us competitive not only in Serbian market, but in foreign markets as well.

– Manufacturing tools
– 2D and 3D technical documentation
– Making 3D models and samples
– CNC milling
– Milling with conventional machines
– CNC scraping
– Scraping with conventional machines
– Engraving
– Correction and repairing tools and models

Technical possibilities and services:
– CNC milling up to 1000x1000x650 mm
– CNC scraping Ø 480×1000 mm
– Bed grinding 750×550 mm
– Circular grinding Ø 240×750 mm
– Classical scraping up to Ø 630×2000 mm